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By Meg Elwood

Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016


STATESBORO - This year, Statesboro becomes home of the hit entertainment venue that is popular for all ages.


The future home of the park is a warehouse containing the Statesboro Flea market and indoor paintball fields.This past year, building owner Jerome Davis decided to turn the warehouse into Flight Factory, a trampoline and indoor paintball park.


“I wanted to bring high energy entertainment to Bulloch County. Most of these parks wouldn't come here because of the demographics, but they don't realize Statesboro is a hub for the surrounding smaller cities,” said Davis.


He believes the city of Statesboro is in need for healthy and affordable fun causing excited guests to return multiple times.


“The heart behind Flight Factory is to provide high energy and healthy fun at a price point that won't break the bank. We will have a weekly promotion where flight tickets [jump passes] are only $5 for an hour long jump,” said Davis.


Davis said the paintball fields will be kept in their original place but will be made more affordable and include new games appealing to both novice and professional players.

Trampoline park features:
  • Rock Climbing walls

  • Dining area with viewing deck

  • VIP party rooms

    • Includes flatscreen TV and gaming systems, like Wii and Xbox.

Paintball features:
  • Game time options

    • 15 or 30 minuets 

    • 1 or 2 hours


Josh Baxter, junior justice studies major and referee for Statesboro Paintball, has been with the fields since 2014. He said the trampoline park has it’s pro’s and con’s.


“The park could pull in a younger crowd and people that don’t know much about paintball, or it [the trampoline park] could take off more than paintball and completely push it out,” said Baxter.


Nathan Hance, sophomore mechanical engineering major and referee for Statesboro Paintball, has worked at the fields for a year. He believes the park is a positive investment by giving the warehouse a new look and saving locals a drive from nearby parks like GetAir.


Construction of the Statesboro park is estimated to begin in the early March, 2016. The doors of Flight Factory are estimated to be opened by late spring.



Jerome Davis,

Josh Baxter,

Nathan Hance,




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