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By Meg Elwood

Monday, April 11, 2016


STATESBORO - Sisters of Georgia Southern University’s Kappa Delta chapter host their 33rd annual shamrock event to raise funds for Prevent Child Abuse America and Bulloch County.


Sarah Inglesby, sophomore chemistry major and VP of community service, calls War of the Wings a pretty big deal, in that every year the amount of attendees rises due to it’s popularity. Inglesby said the event has been passed down and expanded upon over the years, adding certain activities to the afternoon, such as the wing eating contest.


“I think the wings are why people [mainly] come, but it’s just a fun atmosphere. We all get to hang out, all of the KD’s are here, but we get a lot of support from everybody else too,” Inglesby said.


Prior to the event, the sister's main task is to promote and sell tickets on campus and social media. Lindsey White, junior early childhood education major and KD president, said plenty of hard work goes into making the afternoon a success. Many of the the sisters will spend the night before the event setting up and arrive to the house early the day of to do multiple last minute jobs, such as retrieving wings from local restaurants.

Caroline Hodge, a senior journalism major and KD sister, has been a part of the event since she first became a member of KD four years ago. Her duty for this year’s War of the Wings was to collect the hottest flavor of wing possible for the wing eating contest. Besides that, she said this was the first year she was able to enjoy the event for what it is.


“As a senior, I definitely had to do less. As a freshman you’re in there serving wings and constantly manning your post the whole time, but as a senior you have less responsibilities… [over the years] you put in your work and towards the end you get to enjoy it,” Hodge said.


As a graduating senior this year, Hodge expressed how she’ll miss the event and how she and her sisters bonded over the work. She said that the event was a great way to bring everyone, including those outside of Greek life, together for the common goal of preventing child abuse.



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