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By Meg Elwood

Saturday, March 12, 2016

STATESBORO -  Locals of all ages challenge their bodies and change their lives with CrossFit, an intense circuit training facility.


Morgan Cummings, senior exercise science major, joined CrossFit Boro to have a new challenge everyday. To her, the combination of doing something she enjoys at a higher intensity than usual, allows her to find out what she’s capable of mentally and physically.


“I've noticed that I can accomplish more when I'm motivated and against one another and against myself. I didn't know that I could run a mile in under ten minutes until you put me under the pressure,” Cummings said.

College students are not the only members seen lifting weights, running miles and pushing through muscle-ups. According to Ryan Brack, owner and trainer at CrossFit Boro, the ages of their members range from six, in their CrossFit Kids program, to 64. He mentions how the program is for anyone, no matter their mobile restrictions or injuries. Members are assigned a personal trainer who create daily workouts scaled to meet the individual’s ability.

“We’ve got a guy now that’s on crutches everyday because he has 90 percent muscle loss in his legs and he's able to do all of the workouts, it's just a different version, but he’s getting the same stimulus as everybody else,” Brack said.

Cheryl Rogers is in her sixties and has been a member of CrossFit for the past year and a half. Since she joined, her life has changed for the greater good. Unlike many people her age, she is not longer prescribed to take handfuls of pills each day and she said that recently her blood work has improved drastically. To Rogers, being a Crossfit member has given her the freedom of mobility to go out and play with her grandchildren for years to come.



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